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What’s important to know is Vendor Marketing is the only vendor advocacy firm operating in the market today that has BOTH Property Marketing & Agent Selection expertise. Furthermore we are one of very few vendor advocacy firms that also provides a true, independent, fixed fee for service, which is cost neutral upon successful sale remuneration structure to its clients.

Most, if not all vendor advocacy firms, even the ones you hear promoting themselves in the media state their service is free. Please, do not be misled by their claims. There is no such thing as a free lunch!!

These vendor advocacy firms who are predominantly made up of retired &/or unsuccessful real estate agents are remunerated 50% of the agent’s sales commission. Which means you ultimately pay more! That is, paying a higher sales commission for outdated and unqualified advice!

Therefore, it’s not an independent service. As there is no incentive for these vendor advocacy firms to negotiate the agent’s commission. And quite simply only their aligned agents (rather than the best real estate agents), will accept working under this type of arrangement.

Furthermore these vendor advocacy firms also negotiate directly with the Buyers. Therefore you also have to ask the question which side are they on? The Vendor’s side or buyer’s side? The sole purpose for these vendor advocacy firms negotiating directly with buyers is to secure other listings. In other words buyers become vendors. It’s not to keep the real estate agent honest as they would like you to believe. It’s the very same reason why real estate agents keep buyers on side because ultimately they become vendors.

Vendor Marketing is 100% independent and has absolutely no alignment to any real estate agent or buyer! We only represent YOU, the Vendor!

Vendor Advocacy + A Strategic Approach = Vendor Marketing

Homeowners on average sell their homes or investment properties every 7-10 years. At Vendor Marketing we assist home sellers to successfully sell their properties across Melbourne every day. We are Melbourne’s most qualified vendor advocates as we independently specialize in BOTH Property Marketing and Agent Selection. Therefore our belief is that we are the most knowledgeable and strategic vendor advocates. Ensuring you get the best return on your investment. We are confident when we say we provide the best and most qualified vendor advocacy service in Melbourne today. That’s why engaging Vendor Marketing is a pivotal moment. But not a stressful one. As we provide you with the “winning edge” when it comes to selling your property.

We interview and run our qualified tender process amongst the best selling agents in your area. Each short-listed agent we ask to pitch on your property listing is highly qualified to do the job well. However what ultimately sets them apart is what they bring to the table from a strategic perspective. Which we analyse and most of the time enhance. For example, the cost efficiencies in their sales commission. And marketing schedule(s). To the value-add we know and uncover which can add ‘000’s of dollars to your campaign at no extra cost.

We also oversee the entire process. From start to finish acting solely on your behalf. We not only ask all the right questions to ensure the agent is giving their absolute best. We also guarantee, using our service and the transparent approach we take, and process we run will save you time, money and maximise your sale price!

Our strategic vendor advocacy service includes:

  • Evaluation of your property’s best case, realistic & worse case price points. This assists in both the correct execution of your pricing strategy and setting an accurate reserve price
  • Appoint the best real estate agent to your property. We know who the leading and most reputable selling agents are in your local surrounding area due to having been previously employed as Real Estate Advertising Manager for Fairfax Media. The appointment is based on running our independent qualified tender process amongst the best selling agents in your local area. Therefore providing you the best possible agent terms, along with the best marketing strategy
  • Ensuring the real estate agents have a complete understanding of which target market(s) or type of buyers who will be interested in your property. This ensures the marketing schedule is tailored accordingly which eliminates wastage. Therefore this will fit your budget rather than that of the agents. That is to maximise their own branding
  • While it is possible to sell a property without a vendor advocate many homeowners prefer this kind of assistance from an independent qualified professional who has intimate knowledge in BOTH Property Marketing & Agent Selection

Vendor Marketing – Melbourne’s most qualified vendor advocates will really save you the stress, time, money and maximise your sale price. We’ll ensure that selling your home is a straightforward, transparent & stress-free process.

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