Vendor Advocacy, the right way

What we do differently
Vendor Marketing is the only vendor advocacy firm in the market today with both property marketing & agent selection expertise.

We’re also one of the few firms that provide a genuinely independent fixed fee for service. We offer a cost neutral upon successful sale remuneration structure for all our clients.

Don’t believe the hype
Many vendor advocacy firms say their service is free, but the reality is there’s no such thing!

Frequently operated by ex-real estate agents, these firms charge 50% of the agent’s sales commission – so you end up paying more, in exchange for often outdated, unqualified advice!

These vendor advocates have no incentive to negotiate the agent’s commission, and often align themselves only with agents who agree to their terms, rather than the best agent for the job.

Independence is paramount
One of the greatest benefits of true vendor advocacy is independent, impartial advice. But if your vendor advocacy firm also negotiates with buyers, whose side are they really on?

The primary objective of these firms is to secure additional listings – the buyers become vendors – which is the same reason real estate agents keep buyers on side!

Vendor Marketing is completely independent. We’re not aligned with any real estate agent or buyer. We only represent the vendor.

Vendor Marketing – the power of Advocacy and Strategy

Did you know the average property owner sells their home or an investment property every 7-10 years?

At Vendor Marketing, we help vendors sell their properties across Melbourne every day!

Selling property is often a pivotal life event, but it needn’t be a stressful one. At Vendor Marketing, we combine vendor advocacy with a strategic approach to create a unique service that ensures you get the best return on your investment.

Our tender process
For some vendors, this is the most daunting part of the sale! At Vendor Marketing, we manage the entire tender process for you, from start to finish. We ask the tough questions and examine every aspect of the proposals, so you can be confident of choosing the most qualified agent to sell your property. This includes:

  • Interviewing and short-listing the best agents in your area
  • Strategically reviewing the pitch of short-listed agents
  • Negotiating the most cost effective commission structure
  • Enhancing the marketing schedule for best targeting and value adds
Pricing strategy
Having a clearly defined pricing strategy that considers all contingencies is key. On your behalf, we carefully evaluate your agent’s strategy for:
  • best case, realistic and worse case price points
  • complete transparency
  • accurate reserve price
We then oversee execution of the pricing strategy by your chosen agent.

Every agent has a preferred approach to property marketing. Often their marketing effort is as much about their own branding as it is about your property. As your vendor advocates, we will thoroughly review the agent’s marketing strategy to make sure it includes:

  • A clear, accurate definition of the target market and buyers
  • A marketing schedule tailored to the campaign’s objectives and your budget
Want to maximize your sale price?
Download our 4 steps to success: The Essential Guide For Every Home Seller.

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