Feng Shui tips to make your property feel great and maximise your sale price.

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Feng Shui Tips For Selling | Vendor Marketing Melbourne

Some properties just seem more inviting don’t they? The spaces work nicely and things don’t jar. When you are selling your property, you want potential buyers to really like it from the moment they step inside. Good use of some Feng Shui can help make this possible.

It’s useful to understand some Feng Shui basics, firstly so you don’t alienate potential Chinese buyers who may turn up, and also because Feng Shui might add some feel-good energy to your home. Whether you buy fully into the Feng Shui concept or not, there is enough logic involved to produce some excellent results.

Feng Shui for the home is a traditional Chinese practice involving arranging features and elements in a dwelling to create balance, flow and positive energy. The goal is to produce good ‘Chi’ (life energy) for the home and the people in it.

In Western terms, just think of it as breathing life into your home

It’s one more way to get your ducks in a row before you sell. It can translate to more offers, more bids at auction, all helping to maximise your selling price.

Feng Shui Tip #1 – Good Chi starts at your front door

Feng Shui advocates giving your front door a new coat of fresh gleaming paint. Make sure hinges, locks and handles are in good condition and work smoothly.

The entrance hall should be spacious and open as possible allowing plenty of flow space, which attracts good energy and keeps it coming in. Avoid objects with sharp edges that ‘point’ at visitors coming in. With Feng Shui that’s a negative.

It may sound mysterious until you realise a keen potential buyer can represent ‘good energy entering your home’. And that your application of some Feng Shui has ‘attracted’ them. If they do end up buying, they certainly are bringing positive energy to your home.

Your welcoming, uncluttered entry space helps makes them comfortable as they come in. This applies throughout the home. Make sure other doors to rooms can open fully, unhindered by objects that block easy flowing movement.

Feng Shui Tip #2 – Empty rooms are lifeless

It’s unlikely you will have a bare room at this point, but if you do it’s a thing you should avoid. It can represent a dead space with stale energy. You can activate the energy in that room with even one or two items like a good chair and side table. So the room is symbolically ’alive’ rather than empty and ‘dead’.

Feng Shui Tip #3 – Clutter produces bad energy

According to Feng Shui clutter drains a space of its good energy.
So remove the clutter and simplify. You could rent a storage unit and lose maybe one-third of all your possessions for the sale period. Lose any homely furniture and keep fewer, better pieces. This tones down the bad energy and allows for more calm, and clarity.

Feng Shui Tip #4 – No unhealthy plants

Feng Shui decrees healthy indoor plants add to good energy. And unhealthy struggling plants are detrimental. Like a canary in a coal mine, falling off its perch, telling you the atmosphere’s not good.

Feng Shui Tip #5 – A splash of colour lifts the energy

Colours have different values in Feng Shui and can lift the energy in a space. Feng Shui nominates 9 zones in your home that represent different aspects in your life. Particular colours can energise these zones.

Looking at a few examples, your ‘Wealth Zone’ is the rear, left hand side in the home, (if you are coming in the front door). Splashes of red, or purple, or green are recommended for this zone and represent abundance.

The front door and entrance area is your Career Zone. Water is good element to have here. A picture or painting with a water theme is good for the entry area. A fountain or other water feature, just outside, enhances good energy too. In cities like Hong Kong and Singapore every new building has a water feature at the front, either inside or outside.

Yellow also brings good energy for your home’s front section. A yellow vase with fresh flowers and water for example.

As you step further into the middle of your home, it transitions into the Health Zone. Yellow, orange and brown woody colours bring good energy here.

Feng Shui Tip #6 – Clean windows are a must

With Feng Shui, windows represent our eyes and give us insight and focus. So sparkling clean windows will help your potential buyers to see clearly through the glass, and ‘see themselves living in this home’.

Feng Shui Tip #7 – A fire adds life energy

If you are selling in colder months and have a fireplace in your rear living space, make sure the fire is burning.
As well as the obvious warmth and pleasing effect, it brings that space to ‘life’.

Feng Shui Tip #8 – Nights at the round table

In the back garden, according to Feng Shui, a round table is more welcoming and friendly than a rectangular table. Because the roundness is inclusive and encourages conversation.

Feng Shui worked for them, it can work for you

To most Western eyes Feng Shui seems very mystical. But when evaluating Feng Shui it helps to remember that Chinese culture through the ages has a very strong practical side. Concepts that worked, over thousands of years, were adopted. Concepts that didn’t work were thrown out. Feng Shui is still regarded as very important by the Chinese and has lasted the distance.

Making sure your home is the best it can be when you are preparing to sell is the game here. Feng Shui can give you some interesting perspective on that.

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