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Garden Design When Selling | Vendor Marketing Melbourne

Garden design has the potential to transform a property from an ugly duckling into a swan. Getting garden design to work aesthetically with your property is not easy.

In my opinion both garden design and properties do not always compliment one another as well as they should.

Garden design is particularly dear to my heart. At my previous property in Albert Park, I had a professionally designed courtyard which found its way featuring on the TV show “Australia’s Best Back Yards”. It also formed a key focal point within my marketing campaign. So much so I had a loop DVD created to be on display at each inspection and on Auction Day.

Most of the time, garden design is simply boring. Especially at the back, with a scattering of trees and shrubs hard up against fences and grass in the middle. There is little of the sense of ‘mystery’ that is essential in making garden design or courtyards for that matter interesting and inviting. Likewise at the front. Plants that probably looked terrific at the nursery jostle for space and grow unchecked.

When it comes to garden design I firmly believe that everyone should know their limitations. If you possess artistic flair and have a green thumb, then by all means redesign a garden yourself. There are plenty of good books around that provide practical and creative advice. Alternatively, look around your neighbourhood. See what works with homes that are similar to yours.

If in doubt seek help from a landscape gardener. However, if you do use a landscape gardener be very careful. See the work they have done previously. Check their photo portfolio and references from previous clients. There is little control of the industry. And it’s easy to spend a lot of money without getting the desired result. Also ensure the design compliments your home.

Vendor Marketing – Melbourne’s most qualified vendor advocates, specialises in both property marketing and real estate agent selection for property sellers within Melbourne, therefore we are able to assist you with garden design as part of preparing a home for sale.

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