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Benefits, not just branding

At the heart of every successful property sale is a great property marketing strategy. Without it, even the best real estate agent will struggle to bring the right buyers to your door!

Real Estate Advertising plays an important role in your property marketing strategy. But capturing the attention of your target market is about more than just choosing from an agent’s A, B or C model of advertising schedules. It’s about communicating all the benefits your ideal buyer is looking for in a property, through the media channels they’re most likely to use.

Our extensive property marketing and advertising experience, including many years working with Fairfax Media (The Age, The Melbourne Weekly & means we’re highly qualified to analyse, design and tailor a winning property marketing or advertising schedule to fit your budget.

Your campaign will be customised to achieve maximum awareness, without overexposing your property. This means ensuring it speaks directly to your target market, and is not just a vehicle for your agent’s branding, or based on opportunities for them to profit share with the media.

It will include:

• Professional, targeted copywriting
• Critical ‘VALUE ADDED’ options and additions (that agents often don’t tell you about!)
• 2 FREE detailed social marketing campaigns


Real Estate Marketing – what works?
Effective real estate advertising – what are the ingredients for success?
Real Estate photography – why is it crucial to the success of a campaign?
Property editorial – how do you obtain this when selling your home?

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