Property styling tips when selling in winter.

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Property Styling Tips For Winter | Vendor Marketing Melbourne

Although people traditionally choose Spring or the warmer months for a property sale winter can be as good a time as any as long as you prepare well. Property styling in winter actually brings an opportunity to show off some of your property’s most appealing characteristics.

In winter, nothing creates ‘comfortable and cosy’ like a blazing fire, warm rooms, a few glowing candles and soft music. People think “If it’s so nice in Winter it will be great at any time.”

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Property Styling Winter Tip #1 – Warm the house with a fire

The fireplace has always been the focal point in a living space. Whether it’s in a contemporary Jetmaster or under a lovely heritage mantelpiece, a glowing fire brings the whole setting to life. The appeal is primal and brings back cosy memories of childhood. So fire it up!

Property Styling Winter Tip #2 – Maximise sunlight

The more sunlight you can bring into a house in winter the better it will feel. So let light in by making sure blinds are open, with any foliage close to the windows trimmed sufficiently, and be sure the glass is sparkling clean.

Property Styling Winter Tip #3 – Add cushions and throw rugs

Add comfort appeal with some new cushions on the lounges. Fabric throws in natural fibres and warm colours bring a feeling of luxury living too.

Property Styling Winter Tip #4 – How to warm the home for inspection

When preparing the home for winter inspection it’s best to have the heating turned well up before people arrive so the house is well warmed throughout. Then turn the heating down for the open period. This helps make sure the home will be warm through the inspection when front and back doors are likely to be sitting open.

Property Styling Winter Tip #5 – Make sure the garden is a feature

The garden needs some special attention in winter as it could be looking a bit bare. But like everything else it simply must have its best foot forward. Add appeal with some colourful annuals. Make sure the beds are clean and tidy with fresh woodchips or a textured surface like river stones. A stylish pot with an elegant ornamental tree or shrub makes an impressive centrepiece. There’s lots you can do.

Property Styling Winter Tip #6 – Make sure the rooms feel open and inviting

Of course de-cluttering is key to making a home look good in winter too.

You want every room to seem as large as possible, without looking bare. For example a main bedroom should have the bed, with lamps on small bedside tables and a comfortable chair in the corner. If the room’s big enough you might have a featured chest of drawers. It’s generally better not to have a TV, or anything else that’s bulky or busy.

Property Styling Winter Tip #7 – Engage a styling professional

You may have a fair eye for interior decorating but it is well worth calling in a property styling professional who can make sure the essentials are right, including the finishing touches. As the saying goes – it’s the little things that count.

We know from long experience properties sell faster and for more when they are sympathetically furnished and styled.

Property Styling Winter Tip #8 – Feng Shui can add appeal

You could consider using some Feng Shui to maximise your home’s appeal.

Homes with good Feng Shui just seem more inviting. The spaces all work nicely and things don’t jar. Whether you buy fully into the Feng Shui concept or not, there is enough logic involved to produce some excellent results.

Feng Shui for the home means arranging features and elements to create good flow and positive energy. For example, it starts at your doorstep. Feng Shui advocates giving your front door a new coat of fresh gleaming paint. Make sure hinges and handles are in good condition and work smoothly.

The entrance hall should be spacious and open as possible allowing plenty of flow space, which ‘attracts good energy and keeps it coming in’. You could consider a potential buyer as part of the ‘good energy’ that is ‘attracted in’.

Facilitating good ‘energy flow’ applies throughout the home.

According to Feng Shui the colour red is good for the home in winter. Occasional red cushions or a bright ceramic piece like a bowl, bring warmth and energy.

Many property styling professionals incorporate some Feng Shui in their recommendations.

Vendor Marketing – Melbourne’s most qualified vendor advocates, specialises in both property marketing and real estate agent selection for property sellers within Melbourne, therefore we are able to assist you with professional property styling as part of preparing a property for sale.

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