Real Estate Agent Selection

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We cut through agent jargon

Choosing a real estate agent to sell your property is not just about who’s local, or who has the biggest brand – it’s about finding the best agent for the job.

We’ve spent over 20 years building relationships with senior real estate agents and directors across the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Put simply, we know who the best agents are!

We demystify the industry jargon and help you make this important decision using your head, rather than your heart – making the selection process much easier.

The first step

We will invite the best real estate agents in your area (usually around 3) to conduct an appraisal visit at your property. At this appointment, we give them our detailed 11-point brief, which enables us to analyse all proposals according to the same strict criteria.

Real Estate Agent’s proposals

Each real estate agent will submit a proposal to Vendor Marketing. We then assess the proposals according to our key criteria and further negotiate with the agents, before providing our recommendation of the best agent for you and your property.

These key Real Estate Agent selection criteria include:

We assess the sale price the agent believes is achievable
Comparable Sales
We ask for evidence of recent comparable sales, including prices and the agent who sold them
Pricing Strategy
We evaluate the price to be quoted during marketing of the property
Method of Sale
We review the method of sale recommended, and question why the agent believes it is best
We assess the fairness of the agent’s commission, and if it’s competitive in the current market
Target Market
We ask if the target market(s) identified by the agent are the best buyers for your property
We evaluate the agent’s proposed advertising schedule(s) and its ability to cut through and speak directly to your target market(s)
Other Initiatives
We look for other ways the agent intends to differentiate and improve their marketing efforts
Hidden Value-Adds
Many agents have access to thousands of dollars in value-adds that go under the radar. We know what these are and how to negotiate their inclusion on your behalf, at no extra cost to you!


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