Selecting a real estate auctioneer – why is getting this right so important?

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Selecting A Real Estate Auctioneer | Vendor Marketing Melbourne

A real estate auctioneer is the most crucial variable on auction day. You need to observe them in action. You’ll soon see there are good and bad. Most real estate auctioneers work with individual real estate agents.

Larger companies, franchises and other networks will have their own preferred real estate auctioneers. Sometimes they have many a real estate auctioneer so you should be specific about who will be representing you.

A good real estate auctioneer is a joy to watch. Not only will he entrance you with his verbal prestidigitation to the point where you might wonder why you’re selling, but he will keep the audience entertained while making the sale come to fruition.

Let me explain. An auction is a serious business with the intent of making sale. Tensions are high. Nerves are frayed. Into this scene steps the real estate auctioneer. He is playing the lead role. ‘Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Let me welcome you to today’s auction.’ Skilfully he explains the rules of participation. Nobody wants to show their hand first. Somehow he has to start them off, then nudge them along, then exhort them to go that little bit further. Is it enough? Are you happy with the result or disappointed?

Some considerable time can pass while the real estate agent engages in shuttle diplomacy between the vendor and the buyers. The real estate auctioneer has to prevent the audience from getting restless. He does this with an endless supply of positive information about the area and amusing anecdotes. The hammer rises and falls. Yes it’s sold. Time to pop the champagne!

On the other hand a bad real estate auctioneer can be your worst nightmare. He drones and repeats himself. Everyone fidgets and starts to talk. Maybe he insults your best buyer for a laugh. ‘You’re not just buying the garage’ he says. ‘We expect you to pay for the whole house.’ Very funny unless you’re the butt of the joke. Nobody bids any more.

As a real estate agent, you look helplessly around for a hole to dive into. Yes, it’s very stressful for the real estate auctioneer too, no matter how long they have been doing it. All the work of the last month has been potentially wrecked in fifteen minutes.

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