Real Estate photography – why is it crucial to the success of a campaign?

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Real Estate Photography | Vendor Marketing Melbourne

Real estate photography is crucial to the success of a real estate campaign. Photos are used on brochures, flyers, the board, in display advertisements and on the internet. Real estate photography forms the first impression for almost all potential buyers. Yet all too often it is done poorly and without sufficient thought.

I’m a strong advocate of the use of a professional real estate photographer, no matter how inexpensive the property. It will make a difference to the sale price.

Having said that, the quality of real estate photography can vary widely depending on the skill of the photographer. Just because they take a great portrait shot doesn’t mean they know anything about real estate photography.

You should identify the work of the photographer your real estate agent is suggesting. There is no shortage of them and they operate in a price-competitive market.

Good real estate photography takes time and preparation. It’s no point frantically trying to rustle up a few flowers out of the neighbour’s garden when the photographer is already there. Props need to be large and colourful to be visible in a photo unless taken at close range.

Remember a camera distorts a picture. By this I mean the foreground looks big and the background correspondingly small. Therefore a camera should be mounted on a tripod in the chosen position and the furniture and props arranged to suit.

One key with real estate photography is to try not to put too much into each photo. It’s better to have a picture of a beautiful lounge, than half a lounge and half a dining room dominated by a dividing wall. Furthermore the camera must be set up straight or the walls will appear to bend in or out.

Lighting is less important these days with digital photography. Therefore most real estate photography nowadays is scheduled for late afternoon to incorporate twilight shots.

It’s important to remember with real estate photography to think what images you are conveying to potential buyers. For instance, the relationship between a level garden and the back of the house is extremely important. A bathroom is not, however beautiful and proud of it you may be, and it implies that this is the most important feature of the house.

Likewise if you fail to include a picture of the front facade buyers may think it’s not worth contemplating.

What is critical with real estate photography is linking the content of the photo’s to the message you’re conveying in both the heading and copy of the advertisements.

Finally, you’re looking for what photographers call the ‘hero shot’ to be used at the lead photo. This is the shot that works fantastically well photographically, and sums up the core attraction of the property. It will be the image that spearheads your marketing campaign.

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