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Vendor Advocacy Melbourne - Vendor Marketing

How is our vendor advocacy service different?

Vendor Marketing provides Melbourne’s most qualified vendor advocacy services as we’re the only vendor advocacy firm with BOTH property marketing & real estate estate agent selection expertise.

This is vitally important because these are the 2 key cost areas when it comes to selling a property.

We’re also one of the very few Vendor Advocacy Melbourne firms that provides all of our clients a genuine independent fixed ‘fee for service’ remuneration structure, payable only upon successful sale, which we can also articulate to be cost neutral.

Dont believe the vendor advocacy hype!

Many larger or volume driven firms, especially the ones you hear on the radio and in the media say their services and vendor advocacy fees are free.

But the reality is there’s no such thing!

Frequently operated by retired &/or unsuccessful ex-real estate agents, these firms share in 50% of the selling agent’s commission.

Therefore these vendor advocates have no incentive to negotiate the selling agent’s commission.

So you end up paying twice as much, in exchange for outdated and unqualified advice!

And they align themselves only with agents who agree to their terms, rather than select the best agent for the job.

Independence is paramount!

One of the greatest benefits of true advocacy is independent, impartial advice.

However, beware of firms and individuals who offer both Vendor & Buyer Advocacy services.

From our point of view this is highly unacceptable and unethical.

This could easily lead to a conflict of interest. That is, where an advocate represents a vendor, but then also introduces a buyer into the process – therefore one advocate advising both sides in the same transaction.

It’s also used as a means of increasing one’s revenue base.

In our opinion, an advocate should only be one or the other. Not both!

Vendor Marketing only represents property sellers.

That is, we act solely for a vendor only!

The power of vendor advocacy with strategy

Selling property is often a pivotal life event. But it needn’t be a stressful one.

At Vendor Marketing, we combine advocacy with a strategic approach to create a unique service that ensures you get the best return on your investment.

It’s vitally important to have the best real estate agent to broker and negotiate an optimum sale price for your property however this cannot be achieved without effective property marketing.

If qualified buyers aren’t walking through a vendor’s door or enquiring about the property it really doesn’t matter how good the selling agent is.

Property Marketing is the most important variable when selling a property. It is expensive and comes with no guarantees.

Therefore it’s vital the vendor has the best marketing strategy to work with, including utilising the social media channels available, which most agents are still yet to embrace.

Vendor Marketing’s expertise in property marketing means we can assess any proposed advertising schedule and improve on this to ensure the advertising is highly targeted and as effective as possible.

Therefore we save you time, money and maximise Vendor’s sale prices by implementing our qualified strategies.

Our tender process

For some vendors, this is the most daunting part of the sale! At Vendor Marketing, we manage the entire tender process for you, from start to finish.

We ask the tough questions and examine every aspect of the proposals, so you can be confident of choosing the most qualified agent to sell your property.

This includes:

> Interviewing and short-listing the best agents in your area
> Strategically reviewing the pitch of short-listed agents
> Negotiating the most cost effective commission structure
> Enhancing the marketing schedule for best targeting and value adds

Pricing Strategy

Having a clearly defined pricing strategy that considers all contingencies is key. On your behalf, we carefully evaluate your agent’s strategy for:

> Best case, realistic and worse case price points
> Complete transparency
> Accurate reserve price

We then oversee execution of the pricing strategy by your chosen agent.


Every agent has a preferred approach to property marketing. Often their marketing effort is as much about their own branding as it is about your property.

As your vendor advocates, we will thoroughly review the agent’s marketing strategy to make sure it includes:

> A clear, accurate definition of the target market and buyers
> A marketing schedule tailored to the campaign’s objectives and your budget

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  • 2/22 Melaleuca Drive Glen Waverley | Testimonial | Vendor Marketin


    Thanks to Vendor Marketing Vendor Advocates

    “One of the biggest and stressful activities in any one’s life is undergoing the mine field of selling one’s home. If you ever want a stress free sale of your home, then the best advice that you should ever take, is to employ Vendor Marketing – Vendor Advocates Melbourne, to professionally guide you through the myriad of obstacles, legal intricacies and presentation requirements that you will face. Craig Knudsen, with his professional attentive expertise, negotiating skills and engaging friendly personality, has assisted us to achieve a happy and successful outcome in the auction of our home Unit, after assisting us to competitively appoint the best Selling Agent, and for guiding us through the intricacies of home presentation, and the final auction and negotiation process.”

    2/22 Melaleuca Drive Glen Waverley | Testimonial | Vendor Marketing

    Read Review

    J & J Sale, Glen Waverley

  • 18 Milton Parade Mavern | Testimonial | Vendor Marketing


    I’d highly recommend Craig Knudsen from Vendor Marketing…

    “Craig Knudsen was introduced to me by a close friend and, after meeting him, I decided to use his professional skills and extensive real estate experience in the local market to assist me in selling my family home of 57 years. Craig was able to guide me in appointing a selling agent, contract signing, decluttering, styling, inspections and finally the auction, as well as answering all calls and questions along the way very promptly. He was able to plan a strategy and assist me right through the process from day one until we achieved a successful auction sale after a four-week campaign. I commend both his professional and personal skills and thank him for aiding me through the process to achieve a very successful outcome. His personal care and friendship have been greatly appreciated.”

    18 Milton Parade Malvern | Testimonial | Vendor Marketing

    Read Review

    M Blaschka, Malvern

  • 3/71 Barry Street Reservoir | Testimonial | Vendor Marketing


    Highly Recommend Vendor Marketing…

    “Having recently sold my property I can highly recommend engaging Craig as a vendors advocate to assist with the whole selling property process. ?Craig’s knowledge of this industry helped inform and guide our decision making and strategic thinking around marketing and the auction, ending in a great result!”

    3/71 Barry Street Reservoir | Testimonial | Vendor Marketing

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    J Addison, Reservoir

  • 102 Peel Street Kew | Testimonial | Vendor Marketing


    Craig from Vendor Marketing was amazing…

    “Craig from Vendor Marketing was amazing to deal with. He provided steady, consistently valuable guidance throughout the process of selling mum’s house. We were able to rely on him as our point of contact and he made this journey so much easier for us. His experience helped us achieve the sale result we got. Highly recommended.”

    102 Peel Street Kew | Testimonial | Vendor Marketing

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    G & J Aitken, Kew

  • 6 Ridgemont Way Keysborough 3173 | Testimonial | Vendor Marketing


    Craig has helped us to achieve a great result

    “Craig has helped us to achieve a great result in the sale of our house, and we are so grateful to have had him with us during the process! He brought with him a great amount of knowledge and gave well rounded advice on all matters regarding our sale. From the beginning, he explained everything that we could expect during this process, sent out comparative information in a concise and easy to read format and gave objective answers and recommendations. We definitely believe that Craig and his services helped us to achieve our amazing result. If you are on the fence about engaging a vendor advocate, do yourself a favour and give Craig a ring!”

    6 Ridgemont Way Keysborough 3173 | Testimonial | Vendor Marketing

    Read Review

    K Poon & C Lai, Keysborough

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