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132 Cobden Street South Melbourne 3205 | Testimonial | Vendor Marketing


To whom it may concern

Craig Knudsen, Principal Advisor, Vendor Marketing was personally recommended to my brother and myself by our solicitor. We had never used a Vendor’s Advocate before and, in actual fact, were not altogether familiar with what they do. We met with Craig and we were immediately impressed with him. Craig had arrived at the meeting fully prepared with all the information that we would ever require. From the moment we engaged Craig, he took care of everything. He invited three local real estate agents to provide us with a marketing campaign along with costings etc. When these submissions from the real estate agents arrived, Craig provided us with a comprehensive analysis of the submissions. When my brother and I chose the real estate agent who we wanted, we did so being fully appraised of all aspects of the sale process. From that moment on we confidently relied on Craig’s guidance, experience and support during the process of selling. The house was located in South Melbourne and my brother and I live some distance away. It would have been extremely inconvenient to have to find the time to travel there whenever something needed attending to, and as is usual in getting a house ready for auction, a lot of issues came up. Craig not only took care of everything that cropped up for us but popped in to check on the house from time to time as the house was vacant for quite a number of weeks leading up to the listing and subsequent auction. Craig organized for the locks to be changed, for cleaners, for rubbish removals etc. Everything that Craig organized was not only completed to the highest standard, but was done with such ease and efficiency. If not for Craig, we would have needed to organize all this ourselves which would have been a major inconvenience and headache due to work commitments and the distance needed to be travelled. We felt that not only was Craig looking after our interests but that he was in some ways providing a degree of protection. On auction day, Craig was instrumental in keeping two very nervous vendors from stressing out. Craig is not only a calming influence, but is very observant and he kept us abreast of the process and what was happening and what to expect. We were very grateful for his attendance on us. The house sold on the day and we were very happy with the price that it attained. Even after the sale, Craig continued to work his magic when my brother realized that he had left his sunglasses inside the house. He was already home when he noticed them missing. Craig and the Real Estate Agent were the only ones with keys to the house. My brother phoned Craig to ask what to do and to his relief Craig went around to the house, found the sunglasses and posted them out to my brother. This is just an example of the things that Craig has done for us which were very much appreciated and which made the whole process of selling so much easier. I can’t say that selling a house is ever stress-free, but when you have a competent and efficient partner who attends to the important and pressing issues, then the whole process is made that much more tolerable. We honestly do not know what we would have done without Craig’s guidance, experience, support and attention to detail during this whole process. Should my brother and I ever consider putting our current homes on the market, we would, without any hesitation at all, contact Craig and engage his services. Likewise, we would highly recommend Vendor Marketing to anyone contemplating selling their property at any stage in the future.”

132 Cobden Street South Melbourne 3205 | Testimonial | Vendor Marketing

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