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Craig Knudsen (Vendor Marketing) was highly recommended to my husband and I as a Vendor’s Advocate and on this basis and after we had met him, we engaged Craig to assist in the sale of our Unit. Craig proved to be invaluable in navigating the choice of Real Estate Agents. We selected an Agent who really did work for us using Craig’s methodical criteria and interview. I feel that having Craig overseeing the whole process and liaising with the Agent certainly took the pressure I had felt in previous home sales where I had not used a Vendor’s Advocate. Craig negotiated the optimum marketing package with the Agent. He also employed an active social media campaign and prepared an auction day strategy with us and gave solid advice with respect to the sale. Craig was professional, pleasant, courteous and very efficient. He was easy to communicate with and made the whole sale as stress free as possible. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone going through the sale of their home.”

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