Vendor Advocacy Services – Web portal or Hands-on?

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Vendor Advocacy Services | Vendor Marketing Melbourne

The popularity of Vendor Advocacy continues to grow. In the wake of this, a new stream of automated Vendor Advocacy services have appeared, targeting home sellers.

These Vendor Advocacy services are website portals offering a click-through process for selecting a Real Estate Agent to sell your home.

How do web portal based Vendor Advocacy services work?

Web portal based Vendor Advocacy services are an automated process. The site will get you to click on a few information gathering questions.

The web portal will provide you with some generic facts and figures about properties for sale in your area. The web portal will then direct your enquiry to a few ’recommended’ Real Estate Agents.

The main focus for the web portal is connecting you as quickly as possible with a Real Estate Agent in order to get a finders fee. This fee is extracted from the Real Estate Agent, coming out of the commission the Agent receives from your home sale.

Web portal based Vendor Advocacy services basically offer little more than a phone directory search, directing a home seller to the nearest big Real Estate Agent.

For the simple algorithm process of finding the most active Real Estate Agents in your area the portal will extract a commission from the Real Estate Agent (Referral Authority Fee) costing you thousands.

What kind of information do web portal based Vendor Advocacy services provide?

After keying in your suburb, the web portal will provide a tally of all the Real Estate agents providing services to your suburb. Generally this means dozens.

The web portal will usually provide some more specific information;

• a list of recent listings and sales in your area,
• a general indication of price movement in your suburb,
• an averaged Real Estate Agent sale commission for the area.

The web portal for Vendor Advocacy Services will then recommend a short list of the ‘top’ Real Estate Agents in your area. Based on sales volume.

Snippets of generic information like this are freely available on leading Real Estate websites (like or or even

What makes ‘hands-on’ Vendor Advocacy services different?

Hands-on Vendor Advocacy Services provide more experience, more analysis, and more of the important detailed advice you need to maximise your selling price.

Selling your home is one of the most important processes you can go through and brings a major opportunity to benefit from all the work, effort and capital you have invested in the home up to this point. It’s simply too important to get wrong. And it’s a sensational opportunity, if you get it right!

All homes are different and need a tailored approach for the sale

Based on our property selling expertise and market knowledge, we will recommend only the best Real Estate Agents to tender for your particular home sale.

We will then analyse the Agents’ Proposals with you, negotiate with them on your behalf, and assist you with selecting the right selling agent.

We then advise on the best particular preparation for your home for the selling period. What to do, and what not to do. All in the interest of achieving the best possible sale price.

Vendor Marketing also provides detailed and insightful information for the real estate marketing and advertising process.

A Vendor Advocacy service like Vendor Marketing shares all our real life home selling and strategic experience. We are not an algorithm program sending you on the fastest route to a Real Estate Agent. We live and breathe home selling.

Vendor Marketing – Melbourne’s most qualified vendor advocates, specialises in both property marketing and real estate agent selection for property sellers within Melbourne, therefore we can assist you maximise the sale price of your property.

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